SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校

9/16 The 3rd grade students continue to work on their final essays and think about in what ways their SGL experiences at Seijoh High School can shape their future lives, jobs and goals. How will they be able to actively participate in society and contribute utilizing the key skills they have learnt in order to positively affect the situation for themselves and those around them. They have a lot to think about.

SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校,未分類

9/2 The 3rd grade students are working on their final essay which continues to challenge each and every one of them. Today they are focusing on parts 5, 6 and 7.

Part 5 is looking at Global Issues

Part 6 is where they look at their University options and what type of major they are interested in.

Part 7 is looking at their future career options and if possible how they can continue to contribute to society in their future chosen profession.

The second half of the class is a self-analysis on varying topics and also touches on potentially what could be their biggest challenge to try in the future.

We wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavor.

SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校

7/1 Today the 3rd grade students are working on their final SGL essay. Their focus is a summary of when they studied in both the 1st and 2nd grades and the various activities they participated in. Particular attention are worldwide issues that are applicable in our local environment in Toyoakeand in what ways they were able to contribute to the wellbeing of the Toyoake residents and the local areas. 

The students were also asked to check each other’s work and offer any advice or recommendations on how to further improve what had already been written. 

Some students in their break time had also taken it upon themselves to quiz each other in preparation for the EIKEN interview test which will be held tomorrow. Good luck!!!

In the second semester the students will also start to make important decisions about their future goals, especially regarding entering university or entering the workplace

SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校

6/3 and 6/17. 3rd Grade Gyousei and Tokushin students have been working hard on preparing their final essay for the SGL activities they have conducted when they were 1st Grade students. The assignment needs to be between 300-500 characters and should include what they did in the project to create a town full of flowers, how they went about achieving their goals and reflection on their achievements.

SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校

5/20 Today the 3-3 and 3-4 Tokushin students were visited by seven university students from Nagoya University with the aim of hearing about university life and what to expect when our students leave Seijoh and go into higher education.
The university students gave a brief introduction about themselves, talked about how they chose this university, what they did in order to achieve their goals and what they are studying now. After each lecture there was a Q&A session and Seijoh students asked questions such as their self-study schedule during test time, studying over the summer, how to relax in their free time, how much sleep they get and how to have a good study / free time balance. This is such an important topic as many students will go to university in other prefectures and have to learn to be more independent and live alone. Many students will be nervous at this prospect so it is very reassuring to hear first hand how these university students have coped with this situation.
The lectures went very well and the students seemed to enjoy listening to and interacting with the university students. Even after the lectures had finished our students continued to ask questions and gain valuable information. It was a great experience for all concerned.

The Gyosei students from 3-1 and 3-2 started working on the final year essay about what they had learnt in the first two years. They will be making an explanation about their SGL activities.

SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校

5/6 土曜 今回の地域協創学Ⅲの授業では仰星コースに特別講師として名古屋大学から学生団体すとーりーうぃずの方々にお越しいただきました。




SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校

4/15 土曜3・4限  仰星・特進3年生も本日よりSGLの授業が始まりました。




SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校



 1年間のSGL活動(Super Glocal Leader育成活動)を通じて、楽しかったこと・辛かったこと、面白かったこと・つまらなかったこと、上手くいったこと・失敗したこと、など色々あったと思います。また、地域の方々にお力添えをいただき、この活動を通じて得た『ご縁』を大切にしてほしいと思います。



SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校




SGH/文部科学省指定 地域協働推進校