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“How to help Nepal.”

I will let the students discuss disasters and express their own ideas about how to prepare and respond to them.

Most of the lesson will be done as group and pair work, using the short articles as a starting point.The instructor’s role will be less as a lecturer and more as a facilitator.

  1. Students will write down words associated with topic,‘disasters,’ and ask partners and group members for additional words. I will elicit samples to right on marker board.
  2. Using the worksheet, student groups will rank on ranking items in terms of usefulness during an emergency. They will need to reach a consensus, then each team will give their ranking to the other groups.
  3. In short discussions, students will ask questions about the usefulness of disaster preparation. They will ask and answer questions about their own family preparations.
  4. Students are given just the headline: ‘Aid struggling to reach Needy in Nepal.’ Using the title alone, they will work in their groups to predict the answers to a series of true or false questions.
  5. Students will understand the article well, asking and answering the questions about the contents. Then, they will talk about their ideas or opinions.

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 2. アイスブレーキング(チーム作り)(5分)
 3. 「日本の国際協力とは‐JICAの仕事(15分)
 4. 開発プロジェクトって何?(15分)
 6. おわりに