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☆ 星城大学・留学生(ベトナム・中国・モンゴル・韓国)との交流 ☆

“ Promotion of friendship with Asian students”

There are many Asian students studying at Seijoh University. On June 13th, 4 foreign students are supposed to join Seijoh SGH activities.
They are from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Korea. They will make a short presentation about their countries.

  1. Asian students’ self-introduction and a short presentation about their countries.
     ◇ 6 minutes x 4 = 24 minutes
  2. Group work: making 4 groups, and self-introduction and questions and answers about the presentation. One Asian will join in every group.
  3. Talking about cultural differences, such as foods, fashions, school life, friends, amusements, families and so on. Asian students will move to a next group so that they can talk with all the students.
  4. 10 minutes x 4 = 40 minutes
  5. During the last 15 minutes, talking about one theme, for example, How to enjoy school life, or Preparation for an entrance examination, and others.

☆ 豊川市・ティビーアール株式会社社長・福井宏海氏のアジア学講座 ☆



 途上国・民間企業・ODAの Win - Win - Win の関係を目指して、独立行政法人国際協力機構中部国際センター(JICA中部)の海外展開のための委託事業に採択された愛知県豊川市のTBR株式会社は、これまで培ってきた水浄化技術を東南アジアで展開するための事業モデルの確立を目指している。TBR株式会社のこうした海外事業展開への取組を通じて、途上国への支援と海外展開というwin-winの関係を構築する可能性について学び、グローバルな企業マインドを養う。また、上海工場の展開からも学ぶ。