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“Does Facebook Bring the World Together?”

This lecture will address the recent growth of Facebook to a billion users. Is the heavy use of social networks such as Facebook a good thing? Do they really help bring people together, or do they keep us distracted from our real problems? The students will be asked to share their own experiences of using Facebook, Line and other social networks, and ask each other whether using such web networks is a safe way to meet other people.

  1. Students will use questionnaire to ask each other about social networking.
  2. Students will read a short article on the study and recite now words.
  3. In small groups, students will share their own experiences using social networks to make friends.
  4. In an open discussion, students will discuss how social networks can be used safely as a way of meeting people.



  1. 出席
  2. グループワーク・論文作成(グループで原稿用紙10枚以上)・プレゼンテーション


  1. テーマ決め(個人の希望)→ グループ決め
  2. グループワークについて


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  3. 10/31(土) 9:00〜 英語講座・アジア学探究活動
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