SEIJOH SGH Associate School

1. School Motto

"彼我一体" Higaittai(Unite self and others in a single body)
We belong to every living being, including all of nature, human societies, parents, brothers, sisters and others. We can exist as ourselves only with the help of everything around us, so we have to be thankful to them for our existence. In the spirit of ourschool's motto, we encourage our students to follow three core principles

  1. Gratitude with Sincerity
  2. Creation of Culture
  3. Foundation of a World View

2. Three Practices to Embody Our School Motto

This motto is achieved by educating our students with the following practices:

  1. Good Manners and Gratitude to Others
  2. Making Efforts to Help Yourself
  3. Contribution to the Society

3. Educational Goal

Our educational goal is to foster and develop in our students a sense of gratitude and a practical approach to life.

4. Four Educational Supports

Safety: We consider risk management and safety as the first priorities in any circumstances.
Discipline: We foster students' morality and kindness by setting a high value on discipline as a foundation of life.
Academics: We enhance students’academic performances by providing comprehensible class instructions and providing sufficient academic support for all students.
Career: We motivate students to meet their future objectives by providing diligent career guidance.

5. Words of the Founder Sentoku Ishida

Young people have big dreams and hopes for a boundless future. However, the reality is so harsh that various hardships await these naive and inexperienced young people. They have to run into the hard facts of life not once or twice but many times. If they surrender their dreams, they will find themselves plunging into an abyss of grief and despair.
I think they should look up to the stars when they face hard times, and remember these words : "Look up, oh! young people, At the star-studded heaven, Where burns Hope with Light eternal!"

6. Words of Principal Shiro Terada

"Be brave and explore the world." I would like our students to be cheerful and hopeful for their school life and future. Just like a rocket departing into the clear sky, have courage to step to your bright future. These three years in high school are the great opportunity to train your body and mind. We hope that every student gains sufficient knowledge and physical strength to be grown up beings who contribute to their future society. For that reason we would like to assure our students to get enough support for the following aspects: safety, discipline, academics and career. Develop friendly competition with your classmates so as to improve yourself. Broaden your intellect and gain experience, as ones who step out to the world and flourish in this society.

7. SGH Associate School

We have been promoting our own global education to the students. As it has been widely recognized, in 2015, Seijoh High School has been designated as a SGH Associate school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. SGH, Super Global High School, is a project promoted by the Japanese government. It aims at educating students to be global leaders. We, as one of the SGH Associate schools, would like to encourage our students to play active roles globally in the future and offer substantial programs for them. We are promoting SGH Associate Activities, under the slogan of‘With Your Views For Tomorrow.’

8. Seijoh SGH Program

The global leaders we foster will be able to contribute themselves to sustainable development in Asian countries. As members of Asian countries, we enhance students’abilities to promote world peace based on Asian peace and to support sustain- able development of Asian countries.

  1. Lectures about ODA are given by university professors and staff in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Students are expected to discuss various topics and share their thoughts about current issues occurring in Asian countries. At the end of the year, they create presentations to express their solutions to the Asian problems or their opinions.
  2. English programs conducted by native speakers are given during this camp. Students are divided into small groups and learn English through skits and discussions. They will be able to attain not only communicative skills in English but also learn to work with others responsibly.
  3. Students improve English skills as a communication tool by exposing themselves to authentic English given by native speakers. They will be trained to use all four skills of English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  4. Lecture meetings by instructors from community, companies and educational institutes are held. NASA staff was invited to give a lecture at the first meeting held last year. Students learned the importance of making efforts and having dreams.

9. SGH Associate School Research Activities

It is important for students to have abilities to express their ideas and opinions in public as members of a global society. Students' reports on their researches for Asian studies were presented in a school symposium.
*Presentation Topics

  1. The Contribution to Cambodia
  2. Ethics and Values in Asian Countries
  3. Countermeasures to Environmental Problems in Asian Countries
  4. Japanese Companies Making Inroads Into Myanmar
  5. Transportation and Development of Asian Countries
  6. Japanese Image-Building Strategy in Asia
  7. How to Support Happiness in Bhutan
  8. Solutions for a Territorial Issue in the South China Sea

* Students’Reflections
Gyousei-10th grade
Lectures given only in English are challenging for me, but the instructor was very friendly and he helped me to enjoy using English.
Advanced Course- 11th grade
I'm getting used to the pronunciation of native speakers. I had fun in the English Camp, and want to try again next year as well.
Gyousei-11th grade
We researched about Bhutan and Bhutanese value of life in our Asian Studies projects. It was interesting and I learned a lot.